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Creeker Volume 4

Creeker Vol 4 has been released! This grassroots zine series focuses on the Fairy Creek/Ada’itsx blockades from an anti-authoritarian perspective. The latest volume is the biggest yet, containing a timeline, maps, multiple firsthand accounts, reflective pieces, and critique. Printed versions are available at Camas Books in Victoria and Spartacus Books in Vancouver.

Creeker Vol 4 – Printing Version

Creeker Vol 4 – Web Reading Version

There are no more volumes currently planned at this point, but we will gladly continue to accept submissions and if we like them, we’ll either post them on the website or eventually publish a fifth volume. Feel free to get in touch if you have writing ideas you’d like to touch base about or if there is any feedback you would like to give on the project. Creekerzine at protonmail dot com.


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